Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sweet pussy and deep ass !

She told me to come into the room and when I did I noticed a few lines of speed racked up on a mirror on the table. I didn't waste any time sniffing one of them down. I grimaced at the sting that went through my nose and head, and had to sit down for a second. I sat down on the bed with my back against the wall, rubbing my head and waiting for the speed to hit me.


Of course my cock was rock hard as we kissed and rubbed each other's body. I rubbed my cock against her thighs and stomach as our tongues intermingled with

lots of open mouth kissing. As we got hotter, I kissed and licked all over her neck. Licking, sucking, and letting some of my spit droll down a woman's neck really turns me on, and I'm glad she didn't mind me doing it. I knew that I could do almost anything I wanted with Taz. I just wish I hadn't had the cold, for I could have done a lot more. ASSTRAFFIC

Ass Traffic story

She paged me several times before I picked her up,

because she wasn't sure I would show up. When I met her in the parking lot outside the hotel, I got very excited because she was more petite than the pictures she had emailed me. She looked like a high school student and that really got me hot.

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Anyways, her name was Anna.

We had met in one of those AOL chat rooms. We did a lot of cyber sex and talking about her challenges with school. I often helped her out with her school work and encouraged her to keep trying.


We left the bar and she asked me if I

wanted to stay at her place as my hotel was a long distance away. Of course I said yes. Back at her place we kissed and quickly her clothes came off. Her breasts really were large and really quite wonderful, a great shape visually and fun to play with. She started with a blow job, now and then putting my cock between her tits… a move her partners have clearly loved. I can’t come like that as there’s not enough stimulation but I’d love to come with a titfuck one day. ASSTRAFFIC

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She had big breasts in the picture, so although she wasn’t

my type I fancied a fuck and responded to her ad. The girls that get least attention online are usually the type who put out on the first night. I trawl those types from time to time when I just need a fuck. ANAL SEX

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Whenever I travel I make net date arrangements for the place I’m visiting. The girls I meet are into the British accent and of course meet me knowing there’s nothing more going to happen than a night or two… a holiday romance for me and a bit of British for them! So next time you travel do the same, think about it… they know there’s nothing long term so they’re meeting you for one thing only. Chances are you’ll get it. ASS TRAFFIC

Thursday, January 18, 2007

ASSTRAFFIC Pictures and photos

Hi again today I give to you some pictures from ass traffic actions !

I kissed his shaft and took him into my mouth. My mouth had never stretched so wide before. I was just trying to get the head inside. he said. I couldn�t believe how he was talking to me � like he was superior to me. And I loved it.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Hi every one again

HI all intomy ass traffic blog ! Sorry that i'm write to you only sometimes - not everyday ;(
But I;m really bussy boy .... but after today I'll try writa to you every day about my ass traffic actions ;) I hope that u like anal sex like me ;)
Yester day I meet some beautiful woman with perfect a...... s ;0 and ifuck her aobut 2 haurs -was great .... ! Tonigdht I'kk try give to usome photos from this meetin ;)

See'll ya !

Monday, August 21, 2006

Ass Traffic Dream

Hi again - I last time everynight I dream about hard ass traffic actions ... asstraffic girls ...
Yesterday I was fuck some girl in ass .... If u want see it u must click in photos !

Thursday, August 10, 2006

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